Corn Allergy Resources

This is a quick rundown of super helpful websites if you need or want to learn more about corn allergy. If you have a corn allergy, your mileage may vary in terms of which ingredients/derivatives you react to. If you’re reading this just to educate yourself, isn’t this crazy? It’s insane how much corn is in everything! Why is everything so overly processed?

THE LIST. This site has everything you need to know about corn allergy, but this is the list I use to figure out what to avoid when I look at an ingredients label.

Miscellaneous products to avoid.  Always handy. Had I seen this before using my usual Herbal Essences I would have spared myself the massive hive attack. Learn from my lesson, folks.

Corn Allergy Girl. Awesome blog that has been really helpful for me to learn from. She has so many awesome resources, and an amazing beginner’s guide to corn allergy.

I will continue to add more as I find stuff.